Magical Mulch

As my neighbor Puna once exclaimed, “Puako is being eaten up by dust!”.  What he was so eloquently referring to was when the winds from Mauka come a blowing, the dry fine dirt blows all over.  Dust has something that we have grown accustomed to.  Dealing with dust had become a way of life, a friend that follows everywhere, all the time.

When we cleared the perimeter of the property of its overgrown trees and bushes to make way for the driveway and walkway on the north and south sides of Pakalana it created two massive piles of trimmings.  Rather than make truck load after truck load on Sunday (only day transfer stations takes green waste) we brought in a mulcher.  Keeping with the eco sensitivity  of Pakalana, the tree trash was turned into ground cover.  The leaves from the Milo Tree filled to large compost bins.  Not more dirt, in a lil while perfect nutrient rich soil of the vegetable gardens and fruit tree orchard in the back of the property.

Just another way Pakalana is doing all it can to care for the Aina (land).  Less in the landfills on an island is best, even if it is the Big Island.  Dust free, organically grown vegetables, well manicured grounds of Pakalana await.  All this is available for your vacationing pleasure Summer 2012.

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