I’ve Got A CLEAN Big Deck

Having a big deck is nice and all… But when it is not used because there is stuff all over it and just does not get the kind of use it could, all that can be said is “It’s a crying shame.  This will not due.  My deck is too amazing to not be enjoyed.  Sunday Funday, Super Bowl Sunday, became Lanai cleaning day.  Me, Tyler and Jimmy spent all day clearing the deck, power washing the hales and mopping the lanai’s of months of construction residue.  Although we missed the game, the time and effort was well worth it.  It has been literally non stop since my return preparing for what is now, the informal House Warming Luau on Saturday.  The furniture on the Big Island gets delivered tomorrow.  Stay tuned for the updates later this week.  Lots has been accomplished so lots to share as Pakalana evolved to an actual home!!!!!  For those who plan to attend THE GRAND OPENING, MAY 2012!  This time for real 🙂 Alo)(a

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