Heaven Sent

When mom passed, I lost my way. Looking back, I now realize my wayward path I followed had a great deal to do with losing my compass. Mom’s light had shown my way. When that light went out here on earth, I soon found myself without a sense of direction. I instinctively grasped on to what I had known through my life, completely oblivious that was not where I needed to be living my life from. I have come to realize that my true path needed to be created from within. This discovery came from the heavens. It came in the most unlikely of packages, under the most unlikely of circumstances. She was a heaven sent angel to rescue me from the depths at the very moment Pakalana began to take root.

Ms. Reta Parker is Pakalana. She deserves the most credit for Pakalana and what it has become. Her soul has been put into every inch of the property. She was there every step of this two year process. Offering sage advice and a femanen perspective during every decision. However her most significant influence on Pakalana had nothing to do with fixtures or flooring. Rather her most significant influence came in helping me stay focused in a time in my life where focus was impossible. For the better part of the planning process she was dealing with a emotional mess. Then during the early stages of the building process she was dealing with a angry and defensive fool. During the bulk of the our time prior to my manual labor assignment I was a confused, vascilating moron. Yet during the different stages of my grieving process from my divorce she was able to keep me focused on the things that mattered, my daughter and the time we would spend in Puako.

My recent glimpse into the future while spending time with my daughter in Puako makes me feel even more grateful for her unconditional love and support as she was absolutely right. These moments and all the ones to come are indeed ALL THAT MATTERS. So I am off to finish what we started what seems like an eternity ago. From the bottom of my heart, Mahalo Ms. Parker for all of your beautiful aloha you’ve shared with me. May Pakalana completed be my small token of appreciation! Ms. Parkers soul manifested can be enjoyed all over Pakalana SOON… 🙂

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