Pause for Reflection

After a two month grind, completely out of my comfort zone, I am back on da mainland freezing my lil okole off! I had to get Makamae back to school, let Halia and Zoey (my dogs) know that I had not abandoned them, as well as get my clients allocation models updated for the start of 2012. Compared to Puako, being back in Oceanside feels like Antarctica. Needless to say, not a whole lot to do outside so I have had some time to reflect on this journey thus far.

When I arrived on site on 11/11/11 the project was a mess. The contractor that I had hired was failing to meet target dates, the quality and consistency of the work was sporadic and the lack of organization amongst the trades created a chaotic work site. While me and the Mainland crew went about our tasks, I would take a few moments to observe how the job was being run. After a couple weeks, the myriad of snafus became too much and a change had to be made. The “hardest decision” turned out to be the easiest decision as the results since making the change have been tremendous. The passion George Murphy brought to Pakalana had an immediate impact. The crew he brought to the site are reflections of his work ethic, attention to detail and get the job done right the first time attitude. Needless to say, the six weeks since the change, Pakalana began to take shape.

Meanwhile the holiday’s came and so did my Ohana. First, Ms. Parker arrived and her insight on the details were extremely beneficial. One of the investors came a day later to check out the progress. A few days later, Bella and her Mom arrived on Xmas Day. Shortly after Bella’s Mom left, my father and his wife and step son arrived. It was a whirlwind of a Holiday Season. However, there were a number of moments when the workers were gone, when it was just me and my family that the peace and quiet created such a tranquil setting for our family to share. It was the first real glimpse of what is to come. Hearing the laughter from the kitchen, the pitter patter of Bella’s footstep running on the lanai’s, the sounds of music flowing from the Birds Nest was worth all of the sleepless nights, gray hairs, blood, sweat and tears.

I have to be honest, Pakalana has evolved into what it is, not some execution of a grand plan. I had zero clue as to what was really involved in building a home, let alone four on the same property. The learning curve has been steep, at times painful both physically and financially. I am fortunate that I am still young enough to heal and smart enough to plan for the unforeseen, that and have very understanding partners. My course to this point was simple, take this one step at a time, one day at a time, one dollar at a time. This approach was so not who I was trained to be. My previous role in Greenroom Financial, Inc. as a Financial Planner did not lend well to this process. My current role as the CIO for the firm also does not lend well to only dealing with the here and now. Without question this was my greatest struggle which has turned out to be one of the greatest gifts. One moment at a time. How easy it sounds, yet for me it was quite a challenge. By allowing Pakalana to unfold one piece at a time, rather than invoking my will upon the land is what has allowed it to become this unique, interesting, eco sensitive, home for many.

So I will give credit where credit is due… God’s plan is far greater than the one I could create for myself. It is far easier to offer boundless thanks for what has become, rather than cursing what is not. So it is not I, nor the folks at Bamboo Living, nor the First Crew or Da New Crew, or anyone involved in this project that deserves THE credit for Pakalana. IT TRULY IS THE BLESSINGS OF MY GOD AND THE ABUNDANCE THE UNIVERSE HAS TO OFFER. We, the creators of Pakalana are but blessed souls lucky enough to say we played a role in its manifestation. For these people who’ve shared their mana along side of me, I am eternally grateful. For this experience til now, all I can say is, I am humbled by the brilliance of the perfection I now see looking backwards…

So these are pics I hurried to sheet before I left. It kind of gives you an idea of how hard we have worked since 11/11/11 and how close we are to realizing its full potential as a preeminent vacation rental property on the Kohala Coast. For vacation renting pleasure available 2.11.12.

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