The Love of a Mother

Nothing compares to the love between a mother and child, particularly the love between a mother and son. My relationship with my Mom was no different. She was my rock all through life. She left this earth seven years ago tomorrow. Our relationship never ended, only we express our love differently now.

I have wrote about the significance of Mom’s influence on Pakalana. Now I am writing about the precious moment that happened yesterday that I believe was Mom visiting her family. Yesterday Dad and his wife and step son arrived at Pakalana for the first time. I was able to relish in the moment as they gazed upon the hales of Pakalana. Per the usual routine when around Ohana, we BBQ’d. When we were finished with dinner, Tyler and I were sitting on the lower lanai off the dining room when a Monarch Butterfly flew by and landed on the door behind us. First thing that came to mind was Mom is here. You see, I have come to notice that whenever I was thinking about her or needing a lil hug in my time here, a Monarch Butterfly would appear. This has happened time and time again. This time was no different and every time I could not help but just smile.

So I called for Bella and shined a light on the butterfly for her to see. We watched this big, beautiful butterfly for a few minutes til Tyler was able to catch her wings and then placed it on Bella’s hand. The butterfly obliged and we spent the next twenty minutes chasing and playing with this beautiful creature. We would pass her from hand to hand. She would fly and land between us, never flying away. She would flutter about all of us amd the room was filled with giggles. Bedtime came Bella caught the butterfly one last time and I gently placed her on the leave of the Milo tree. Bella and I said Aloha Butterfly, I took her hand and we walked up the stairs to bed. Or I am completely full of Schmidt and just happened to have a crazy butterfly attack at night in my kitchen, dining room and lanai… Whatever your belief, I believe it was Mom coming to check in on her Ohana! I know she is proud of what she saw! Miss you Mom!! Butterfly encounters and the rest of the wildlife are available for your pleasure 2.11.12





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