I’ve Got A Big Deck

Perception is a curious thing… Most think it’s big, while some think it’s not that big.  As they say, it is not the size of the deck that matters but how you use it…  I know exactly how to use mine…  For pure pleasure of course.

The Lanai space on Pakalana measures a lil over 4000 sq. ft.  Most every spot on the Lanai has an ocean view of the coconut trees blowing in the breeze and the waves crashing on the tide pools.  The warm glow of the bamboo reflecting the fading sun creates the perfect setting for total relaxation.  Whether you choose to lounge on one of the four Punee’s (outdoor beds) or one of the four patio sets, any will be perfect for that lil alone time or sharing a quiet moment with a loved one.

There is no better sound than that of Makamae’s slippers running along the lanais and bridges.  The completion of the deck right before her arrival was perfect.  Hearing the pitter patter of her foot steps is my pleasure.  The lanai’s create a sense of living in a treehouse, Swiss Family Robinson style or Ewok Village.  Cruising along the lanai’s of Pakalana is an experience in itself.  Available for your relaxation moments 2.11.12.

For the record, I think it’s bigger than most decks out there…

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