Luxury Camping

After spending the last two years next door in the Ali’i and Mauka Suites at my cousins Punahele Andrades, Bed & Breakfast, the time has come to transition over to Pakalana as he is booked for the Holidays. One big problem, the septic system that was supposed to be installed before Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away from being delivered.  So, me and Tyler, Tygivered an outdoor shower, turned the Kahakai suite into a college dorm and are cooking on a BBQ.  Although going downstairs to use the Hawaii John in the dark sucks and taking temped showers after a long day of work is less than ideal, this temporary lack of conveniences will all be worth while…  At least it never gets colder than 70 here!

I can’t help but believe that living this way for a while will make me more appreciative of the modern conveniences the we are blessed to have.  I realized that most human beings on this planet do not have running water, electricity, plumbing, roofs, windows, screens, doors, all things that I took for granted.  To live in paradise is one thing, to live in paradise in luxury is a gift from my God that I am eternally grateful.

On a side note, living with a 28 year old bachelor reminds me of how I was back in the day.  For all the ladies that tolerated the neanderthal lifestyle in my twenties, thank you for your patience and understanding… I didn’t know better.  Apparently there is a lot to be said for growing up…


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