Kitchen Install By The Mainland Crew, Part 2

They say a picture can say a thousand words.  Wonder what your words will be?  Mine, exquisite.  The detail of the craftsmanship both John and Tyler put into this install was amazing.  At the end of a month long grind, John gave Pakalana what he promised so long ago…  His heart and soul.  Mahalo to da Mainland crew for leaving your indelible mark on this home.

Mahalo to Da Hui for coming out and filling the kitchen with Da Cooking Stuff.  Aunty Lani, Uncle Gary, Aunty Cheryl, Uncle Calvin, you guys are da best!  The inaugural Sunday BBQ was in full effect.  Nothing better than Ohana, beers n grinds!!  The kitchen and da rest of Pakalana will be available for your culinary pleasure 2.11.12.

Yes the granite counter top is the icing on the cake.  The final kitchen reveal to come…  For those who know me well, the texture and colors may surprise you!

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