Situation normal, all fd up.  That would be the best way to describe the last few days in the kitchen.  It started with the realization that the cabinet ordered for the sink was designed for a drop in sink, not the apron sink that was intended.  Shortly there after it was realized that the fan for the vent was an exterior exhaust fan as opposed to inside the vent as assumed.  As they say about making assumptions…

So the better part of yesterday was spent undoing and redoing. With the f bombs flowin, the patience was waynin, but ingenuity was maxin and we made it through the day.  Mahalo to TyB, “The Beast” Bierbower for the custom, custom, sink cabinet, and for the retro vent install.  To Johnny, “You’ve Been Neilson’d”  Neilson, it was a pleasure watching you use ALL your tools to press through the trying day.

The retro fitted appliances will be available for your food preparation enjoyment 2.12.12

The missing photos were confiscated by TyB for revealing trade secrets.  I see why!

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