Kitchen Install by The Mainland Crew, Part 1

John Neilson and Tyler Bierbower are known as “Da Haole’s” around the site.  Haole in this case is a jesting term for white guys.  Since arriving a lil over a month ago, progress has been swift given the shift in vibe around here.  Da Haole crew have meshed well with da local boys and for everything they get from Chad, Kalden and Junior, they give em right back.  I could not have asked for a better bunch of guys to complete this project.

John has been my neighbor in Oceanside for over ten years now.  Tyler is an adoptive son of the Neilson family.  Both are tremendous craftsman in their own right.  Pakalana is blessed to have them as the finishing crew.  Since the first stages of Pakalana, John and I have dreamed about this moment in the development of the project…  The Kitchen, because it is a major focal point of Pakalana.  It will be the gathering place while feasts are prepared, guests enjoying libations, good company in a perfect setting.  John has spent his career on running high end commercial retailers like Saks, Cartier, etc. Tyler is a self made tradesman in North County working on high end homes for the past ten years.  Perfection is their common trait, a job done well the first time is their mantra, complete pride in their work is their ethic.  I imported these guys because nobody else could do.

John and I started the planning of the kitchen this past summer.  After all, kitchen design and install is his expertise!  John spent countless hours coridinating with the design crew of Home Depot in Vista and Hilo.  The detail in the thought processes behind the amenities and lay out of this kitchen is astonishing.  The final details were selected, then they waited and waited and waited some more before they finally got the call. 11/11/11 we leave.  JnT boxed up their tools and shipped them with the rest of da stuff on the container.

Part 1- planning, waiting, painting, staging shipment of delivery truck, staging the sections in the dining room, staging the walls, laying hardy back on floor, Red Guard hardy back, mud and set tiles.  Boys busted it out Friday and Saturday so we could play golf on Sunday Funday.  Some of this and so much more will be available for your culinary pleasure 2.11.12.

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