Innocent Victims

The faces you saw in “Gratitude With A Side Of Gravy” were unfortunate casualties of yesterday’s events.  I was put in the unenviable position of  having to terminate my contractor even though we are so close to our final inspection.  To make such a decision was one of the hardest choices I had to make.  This crew put their soul into every pole, joist, trim, rails, all of it.  They did not deserve to NOT finish what they started.  They earned the right to feel that satisfaction of a job well done.  I respect their loyalty to the General Contractor and pass on my offer for them to complete the job without her. I am putting this out in the universe, these were quality tradesmen and I am eternally grateful for their labor of love.  It is these people that made Pakalana.  I am sorry to see them go.  I wish them all the luck in their next endeavor.  I am sure the owner will be as blown away as I have been.  It is because of them that I patiently waited for things to improve.  After nearly three weeks of observing the site and the debacles therein, I could no longer afford to allow their leader to continue to run amuck.

To be honest, if it were not for the crew, this was the easiest of decisions choices I had to make.  The contractor has failed to meet a myriad of her responsibilities throughout this process, mostly on the communication and financial reporting side of the job.  The final straw came with the recent discovery that Pakalana will be the most amazing vacation rental on the Kohala Coast without plumbing.  Apparently, she called the Septic System company to schedule install before Thanksgiving.  That is when she discovered that according to the contract, there was a six to eight week delivery time.  Guess what? Jan 3rd is that date.  What’s the problem then you may ask? I did not realize this until I asked about it last Monday.  It was in this moment that I realized I had allowed an incompetent “General Contractor” to remain too long.  I now have the embarrassing phone calls to make to da ohana telling them the news.  Luxury camping may be the near term business model but eventually Pakalana, Schmidters and all, will be available for you vacationing bathroom doings 2.11.12.

Icing on the cake, the pics below are before and after photos of what took my GC unknown hours to frame in the exhaust fans in two of the bathrooms and for us to do it right in less than an hour including tear down.  If not for the inability of the Drywaller to take her work, I would have had one fan that was not sealed to the vent.  AMAZING! Makamae can do better work!  Oh well, da new crew starts tomorrow.  Keep moving forward…

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