Strong Foundations

Lesson learned; to build something to stand the test of time, you need a solid foundation.  Through trial and error, this lesson has been learned the hard way.  It was learning these lessons that allowed Pakalana to be built upon a support system that will sustain hurricane force winds and even a tsunami wave.  Much planning and preparation went into this support system.  The lot was excavated to bedrock, in some places 6-8 foot down.  If only lava would have cooled even and flat…  Piers were set into the bedrock, then backfilled with compacted gravel. The slabs were formed with rebar throughout as were the myriad of piers.  The crew took a lil over three weeks to set all the foundations on the property.  Never in my life have I spent more time and energy on building a strong foundation.  I am confident that the effort will prove that anything built on a strong foundation will indeed pass the test of time.

Pakalana’s strong foundation will be available for your vacationing creation 2.11.12

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