Why Bamboo?

Shortly after the acquisition of the property, I was walking around the lot pondering life, lost in my thoughts. A woman stopped her car and introduced herself as a real estate agent. She had a client that wanted to make an offer that was significantly more than what I just paid for this piece of paradise… CASH. This was a very attractive option in that moment in time. Making a few bucks was the smart thing to do at the time. There were a myriad of life circumstances that screamed “sell”, make some quick money and deal with the divorce. The prospects of developing a vacation retreat that had been THE dream, seemed grim in that moment along with the rest of “The Plan”. To be honest, I struggled with the reality of having to give up half of the gain in my impending divorce… Shhh, don’t tell! This is why I think what happened next was a lil divine intervention.

Still on Hawaiian time, I was flipping through the channels at 2 am when I came across the Home Garden Channel. An expose on a Maui company named Bamboo Living was on. HGC was visiting a school in Maui where high risk kids are enrolled in this apprenticeship program assembling bamboo prefab homes on the island. At the end of the episode I was blown away by the ecological benefits of using bamboo as the framing material, the actual strength of bamboo is phenomenal, stronger than some industrial grade steel. I immediately got online and before my very eyes was the answer to how Pakalana could be possible. The significantly lower construction costs with the simplicity of assembly, keeping labor costs down. This was the ideal building material for the temperate climate of Puako, low environmental impact and far more affordable than traditional construction made this THE turning point in Pakalana’s history. Pakalana was possible!

Long story short… BambooLiving

The natural beauty of Pakalana is beyond description. Available for your seeing and touching pleasure 2.11.12

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