Unloading The Loaded

The daunting task of unloading the container came upon the shoulders of John, Tyler, Chad, Mantree and yours truly.  At the beginning and end of the off load I was able to snap these pics of “The Process”.  In between I was sweating my lil bum off pulling boxes is the back of the metal oven under the noon day sun. Smarts…  .  Nothing is as easy as it looks.  Finding room on a full site proved to be quite an adventure and unloading and finding a spot was no small task.  The best part of the day was watching da haole crew, get schmidt done kind of guys with a plan, work with da local crew, cruise and figure it out along the way kinda guys.  Island and Mainland made nice and really worked well together  Busted it out in 6 hours, no broken contents, everything in a place and nobody got hurt or got hurt feelings.   This stuff and so much more will be available for your vacation pleasure 2.11.12

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