What am I doing here?

Unloading and installing all this schmidt!  In order to save a few bucks, the majority of what is in, on, under, over or all around Pakalana has been shipped over on two 45 ft containers, at different stages of the build.  This container has all the finish material, appliances, and stuff to fill the house.  Who knew building and furnishing a house would be so complicated.

Most everything that IS Pakalana was ordered by the Amazon Overstock Queen Ms. Parker.

Da Stuff was shipped from around the world arriving in Oceanside.  Da stuff was stored in the garage, packed in the container, shipped across the ocean to Honolulu, inspected by US Customs, shipped to Kawaihae Harbor and delivered to 27 Puako Beach Dr. on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Available for your pleasure 2.11.12

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